We are a small team of avid gardeners and vegetable lovers who believe that raised garden beds are often the best way to garden. Raised beds provide more square footage than a regular garden, prevent soil run-off, eliminate uncomfortable bending and kneeling, extend the gardening season, and produce less weeds! Raised beds also add a charming and unique focal point to your landscaping. We launched RaisedBeds.com as a website that could offer the broadest assortment of raised beds while committing to low prices and affordable shipping.

We are not the only place to shop for raised beds, but we are the only place who makes raised beds their #1 priority. We are committed to constantly finding new products and sharing useful information to help our customers succeed in their gardens. Whether you have an expansive back yard that’s ready for a ten bed installation, or you’re a rooftop gardener who only has space for an elevated raised bed planter, we want to help you find the right raised bed.

Businesses from our home state of Vermont often band together, and one of our strengths is a close partnership with one of the leading cedar raised bed manufacturers in America. Through this partnership we can offer a unique raised bed selection and the quality is always top notch. We also work closely with other raised bed manufacturers and distributors to ensure our customers a great selection of raised beds, elevated raised beds, raised bed accessories and a sampling of other great gardening products.


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